How we deliver value


We see ourselves as partners, with skin in the game, not middlemen- which is why our success is tied to the success of our clients.


We operate according to the highest ethical standards-whether in our governmental relations, vendor transactions, or staffing contracts.


Because the smart solution isn’t always the typical one, we reject the status quo-and, as an industry leader, embrace new technologies and approaches.

Operational Support

The gaming management team will report directly to Ayoka Entertainment and act on our instructions. We will manage and control the gaming function and activities. Our systems and procedures will ensure that cost efficiency is maintained at all times. We will make recommendations in areas such as branding, business model and business strategy.

Sales & Marketing

Our Integrated marketing specialists can help you promote your Land Based and online gaming operations through multiple strategies that work together and reinforce your communications. These strategies can incorporate multiple types of media types such as online, digital, offline, outdoor, print and broadcast channels.

Finance & Accounting

Accurate and timely financial information is critical to the success of every gaming operation. Very often a gaming accounts teams team have a detailed understanding of the day to day performance of the gaming operations but lack the vital tools and techniques to be able to advise on emerging trends in the gaming performance.

Revenue Management

Ayoka Entertainment has an impressive track record of growing GGR and overall Gaming revenue through innovative revenue management strategies. With extensive experience in the gaming industry, our team will deep dive into the gaming.

Human Resources

Due to a lack of time and resources, a busy gaming operation can often experience a lack of coherent HR policies and procedures, which in turn can expose an organisation to costly litigation and insurance claims.

Regulatory & Compliance

The development and expansion of casinos and lotteries often face legislative and regulatory obstacles. That’s why Ayoka Entertainment has built a network across Sub Saharan Africa to support gaming owners navigate the many political hurdles that affect their businesses.

IT Services

Over the last number of years, Ayoka Entertainment has invested heavily in IT and communications for all our gaming properties. As such we have a stable network with centralised management, cutting down on the need for expensive engineer call outs for simple troubleshooting tasks.