Company Overview

About Ayoka Entertainment

Ayoka Entertainment is a fast-moving games business focused on the Sub Saharan market

With an unshakeable credo and corporate philosophy of un-wavering commitment to players, entertainment owners and our communities.

 The company comprises seasoned gaming, hospitality and advisors with experience across international and local brands – from successful start-ups to the largest, listed Gaming and Hospitality companies in Africa.

Our Mission

We are driven by a strong business development DNA and entrepreneurial spirit, always looking for new ways to grow and improve. We believe that change leads the way to success.

Ayoka Entertainment aims to inspire its customers – both Entertainment owners and players – through an innovative and holistic approach. We challenge the established order in the market with our progressive and energetic culture, plus a scientific approach to generating revenue for Entertainment operations
Simply striving to be the best, we are the rebels of the Sub Saharan entertainment industry. An unbeatable force of change to be reckoned with, challenging the status quo.
Ayoka Entertainment is a new breed of entertainment operators, creating high performing online and land based gaming experiences.


Ayoka Entertainment is a company domiciled in Mauritius and is the only dedicated Gaming  Management company focusing on the Sub-Saharan African Market. The company comprises seasoned Gaming managers and advisors with experience across international and local brands – from successful start-ups to the largest, listed Gaming companies in Africa.

Ayoka Entertainment is a  dedicated management company specialising in this marketplace.

Target markets include Lesotho, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and several others. Products and platforms include national lotteries, sports betting, Instant Win games and land-based casinos.

An example project is a central African country’s National Lottery, where Ayoka Asset Management has negotiated a 15-year exclusive Licence and supported by the government and where a percentage of proceeds are guaranteed to be used for social causes.



WE are in good company

We’ve developed relationships with the some of the most experienced partners in Sub Saharan Africa.



We see ourselves as partners, with skin in the game, not middlemen—which is why our success is tied to the success of our projects.


We operate according to the highest ethical standards—whether in our governmental relations, vendor transactions, or player relations.


Because the smart solution isn’t always the typical one, we find innovative and engaging solutions to keep players playing.